New Products​

MkI VW Steering Rack Mounts

Designed to precisely fit Manual Racks.
Remove all steering rack movement
Machined from 6061 T6 right here in NH
Racing parts for actual race cars


Machined engine and suspension parts solutions designed to complement the factory parts while adding adjustability, geometry correction or in increase in overall performance when possible.

Roll Center correction kits
Bumpsteer correction products
Spherical control arm bushings
Beam stabilization kits
Spherical ball joints
Beam bearing kits

Competition Subaru Parts

Great street cars that need some adjustment to make them competitive on track.

Rear track width, camber, and toe adjustment
Spherical bearings to replace compliant OEM bushings
Conversion parts for 6cyl EZ30 engines
Large capacity transmission pans
Early chassis knuckle conversion components
Oil and fuel delivery components​
General Motorsports Parts

Universal parts and common solutions.​

No matter what the make and model, most track cars universally have the same basic systems and requirements.

Roll bar locking collars
Quick release cage teathers
Fire suppression kits
Personal safety gear
Seats, mounts and sliders
Custom solutions

Our core values

Function first.

We don’t design parts just to have something to sell. Everything we make exists to solve a problem

Designed for competition use.

All our parts utilize design features to increase overall product life and provide serviceability wherever possible.

Light weight and strong
Complement OEM systems​
Hidden details matter too


Racers at heart

Library of our racing videos


Occasional updates to our race schedule, details on prototype programs and deals on parts that don’t make it to the website.

North East GT and 24 Hours of Lemons

Our 2024 Race Focus

Follow us as we try our hand at the new race series North East GT with two dedicated platforms while we also take a stab at two of the east coast 24 Hours of Lemons races at Thompson Speedway and New Hampshire Motor Speedway in a couple MkII VW’s and a V6 Powered 1987 Mazda Rx7

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