SCCH MKII to MKIV OEM Control Arm Bearing Kit


SCCH MkII-IV control arm spherical bearings for 4cyl cars.


   The compliance in the factory bushings of your VW factory control arm offer ride quality by sacrificing compliance where you want it, and allowing where you don’t.

   The VW MKII – MKIV Front spherical bushing kit for 4cyl cars allow your suspension to articulate freely without binding or springing and stops dynamic camber and toe changes due to the control arm moving under acceleration and braking while turning.

   The bearing bodies are constructed from 6061 aluminum and anodized to prevent corrosion and the spacers and other hardware is either anodized aluminum or corrosion resistant stainless steel.  The spherical bearings are easily serviceable by hand tools and can be done by the end user.

   This kit pairs well with the SCCH Rear beam bearing kit, giving you the most compliant and bind free suspension which is necessary in a motorsports environment.