SCCH MkI Spherical Drop Pin Kit


Eliminate your MK I’s suspension geometry nightmare with the SCCH MK1 VW Rollcenter kit with spherical balljoint.

The SCCH Generation II drop pin was the first of it’s kind and uses a castle nut and a cotter pin to secure a safety washer and bearing in place, Additionally when the bearing needs replacemnt it can be easily changed out in a matter of minutes.

SCCH precisely CNC machines the bearing cup and ball joint plate in-house then TIG welds them in place, In addition we include ARP hard ware to be used in place of the factory pinch bolt

Why settle for just relocating your OEM ball joint when you can upgrade it and improve the handling that your car deserves.

NOTE: The drop pin must be welded into your existing upright by a qualified Welder as specified in our instructions, Other wise SCCH offers this service. 

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