Subaru FCA Pin Spacers


IMS Front control arm pin spacer are Caster plates that change the geometry of the front end of your car adding caster which combats the dynamic camber-loss caused by the low caster / high SAI found in the factory front end. The added caster can help reduce camber-loss while turning by as much as 1* and also allows a setup with lower static camber which can improve peak longitudinal grip


These parts are targeted at the GD chassis however may be used on any chassis utilizing factory aluminum front control arms with the two bolt rear pin arrangement. Typical use with the factory rear bushing can see 5* of caster, used with an offset rear bushing and rotated / adjustable camber plates can see 6* or more.


Each kit comes with 1 set of spacers and new grade 10.9 flange bolts. Minor modifications of the subframe may be necessary depending on the combination of parts as the front axles can contact the webbing of the subframe.