Subaru cam seal oil drain – ANGLED – CSOD-A



Cam seal oil drain for Subaru DOHC Heads

If tapping the valve covers or heads is not an option, the IMS cam seal oil drain provides an alternate method of draining oil be it from a turbo charger, oil catch can, etc into a head.  The Cam seal oil drain installs in place of a factory cam half moon seal just as the oem part however offer a 1/4 NPT female thread machined at a 40 degree angle to allow the use of a variety of fittings. Some engines such as the EZ30, have the lower cam seals positioned where even with the machined angle of the NPT port, the seal may not have as much total incline when installed which can be problematic with some systems, such as some turbocharger oil returns. Please keep this in mind while ordering as there is no guarantee that even though the fitting is short, that it will not cause an issue while installed.


These are available for both drivers and passenger side (think left hand drive cars) and are available in a set of one NPT seal and one blank, or in a set of 4 total seals with one including drain provisions.


Alternate versions which are straight with multiple sizes of an fittings are available here.

These replace the Subaru part number #11051AA070

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