Oversized Subaru transmission pan


Oversized Subaru transmission pan

This oversized Subaru transmission fluid pan is designed for the 2004-2013 6 speed. It increases the available fluid capacity by 10% and incorporates cooling fins to promote better thermal management over longer use such as, endurance racing. The pan is machined from solid 6061-t651 aluminum and includes many features for strength while not increasing weight or compromising the focus of the design.

The 2004-2007 pan can work with the original, unmodified fluid pickup however, a new OEM pickup which has been modified for the additional volume is highly recommended. 2008+ transmissions do not have a factory pickup and can not have one added.

Additional ports for sensors, pickup / returns etc can be added on any side in any quantity.

Adding ports will chip anodizing and parts will be non-returnable due to this occurring. For more information¬† on this contact me at [email protected]

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