Knife edged and balanced crank shafts


The VW Crank shaft is a great part that in most cases was forged directly from the factory for extra strength, although strong it is very heavy. Knife Edging not only reduces some extra weight off of the counter weights on the crank to help minimize parasitic losses of the reciprocating mass of your Engine, But it also helps the crank “cut” through the oil film in the crank case effectively. This also aids in Improving frictional and parasitic losses in your engine which in the end translates to More usable Horse power and torque.

Each crank shaft is lightened and balanced to assure they are maximizing the true potential of your engine with out sacrificing strength or reliability.

Typical turn around time of Crank shafts is 4 weeks. The average weight reduction is from 5 to pounds based on your application.

Price’s may vary on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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