Return style fuel rails for Ez30r


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Ez30r Return style fuel rails

The factory late model Subaru EZ30r fuel system is a dead head / non-return system which when transplanted into a different chassis may leave the end user with the choice of changing the chassis system to dead head or converting the engine to a return style.

The IMS EZ30r return style fuel rails utilize -8 Orb ports on both ends to allow the end user the flexibility to design there own parallel or series return style fuel system with factory or factory style fuel injectors.

No modification to the fuel injectors, heads or intake manifold are required, 100% drop in parts Due to the avcs and cam sensor locations, low profile or ‘smooth flow’ 90 degree fittings are required to clear sensors. Most hard 90 degree fittings that were tested contacted or interfered with a sensor or mounting boss and didn’t allow the fuel rails to be properly installed.