Roll Center Kit and Bump kit for MkI – MkIII


Roll Center kit and Bumpsteer kit by SCCH

Eliminate your MkI / MkII VW suspension geometry issues and get up and running the quickest with the whole package of SCCH Spherical balljoint kit with drop pin’s to correct for lowered cars and the SCCH Bumpsteer correction kit which eliminates adverse handling caused by moving the factory roll center out of place by relocating the outer tierod location to a more appropriate location allowing it to follow the movement of the ball joint.  This service also includes machining of your supplied spindles to accept the new spherical outer tie rod and the required welding to permanently secure the new drop pins to the spindles.

Once ordered please print out a copy of your order and send it with a set of cleaned and disassembled spindles you want machined and welded. I recommend heavy padding wrapped tightly around the spindles as well as ample loose padding to keep the parts stationary and un-able to abruptly strike the inside of the box.

This product includes return shipping to USA address’s. For other locations please email me at [email protected]

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